New Industrial Automation System in Benin

You only need to perform a quick search online now to see the abundant benefits of adopting smart technologies and Big Data! Providing organisations with the information and tools to make an informed choice about how they optimise their work allows them to operate smarter and save money!

Here at Pride Solutions, we are extremely proud to be developing a new Industrial Automation System for our UK based client who is developing a new, multi million pound fruit production facility in Benin, West Africa.

Internet of Things
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The system has been designed from scratch by Pride Solutions to meet the exact needs of the client and makes use of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Sensors and a LoRaWAN Network to develop a dashboard that monitors production yield, consumption of core utilities such as water and electric, ozone consumption and staff numbers. The system even goes to the detail of specifying what fruit is being processed on each conveyor line on any given day and what different sectors of the factory are using the most utilities, allowing the clients operations team to proactively respond to changes in the data.

IoT Dashboard
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This information is core to the operations team being able to make production more efficient, increasing their output and in turn, increasing their market responsiveness. What's more, all the information and data collected from the facility is fully accessible from my clients HQ here in the UK, providing the entire company with the tools they need to be more responsive and more efficient.

Mobile Phones as part of the IoT Network
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